Early reading experiences


Grabbed a copy of Balarama, the largest selling children’s magazine in India, from Sulthan Bathery KSRTC Bus Station last night. In our school days, we used to spend around 3 rupees for this magazine. Now it costs 13 rupees. Our early childhood days were filled with the wait and fight for Balarama and similar magazines like Balamangalam and Poompatta. Of these, Balarama is the only one still being published. I still remember a 51-rupee prize money received for parody writing competition from Balarama during my upper primary school days.

Now, something for the readers of my generation. Kuttusan and team have still not succeeded in trapping Mayavi. There is a slight change in the costume of Luttappi. He started wearing a lengthy sleeveless T-shirt over the black jetty he used to wear (could be because of the moral police). Shikkari Shambhu has been renamed as ‘Shikkari Shanku’. The missing folks are Kapeesh, Kaliya, Jampan & Thumpan etc. I dont know whether ‘Manthriyude Thanthrangal’ which was one of my favourites is still there or not.

Next issue onwards, Balarama is going to have animations. It will have moving pictures. Waiting for my son to start reading so that I can be a regular subscriber of the magazine once again!!!!!


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