Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya!

20160313_173947I know a catholic nun who used to work in villages in the outskirts of Bangalore. As she enters every house, she gets all members of the family assembled in front of the image or idol of the god in whom the family believes and starts a standard prayer in Kannada which goes like this, ‘belagagi bandhire devare, nanna jeevanathalli nee belagu devare’ (Come down as light oh God, you are the light in our lives).


Yes, for the follower of any religion his/her god has to be the light in his/her life. However, our spiritual leaders have ignored their primary responsibility of leading the seekers to light and thereby ensure their spiritual nourishment. Instead, they are creating unnecessary fear and insecurity feeling among the followers and motivate and equip them to take up arms to protect their gods and beliefs. Is it something that your god would be happy to see you doing for him? The nexus between political parties and religious leadership has further worsened the situation.


Nowadays, almost 70% of the content in Facebook and other social media is religious abuse. Ironically, those who belong to the new generation and those of my own generation are behind it, all well-educated and employed ones. Don’t you guys have anything worthwhile to do in your life? Otherwise, spend the time you are now using to abuse others to read the scriptures of your own religion which might help you to become a ‘normal’ human being. Come out and enjoy life in the real world where I think life is not as complicated as it is in the virtual world. History proves that religions have always divided people on various grounds. God has never been a unifying factor.


Feeling so unfortunate to be living in these times when the right wing forces are emerging across the world and not only in India. Worried about my son who will be growing up into such a world. Not much hope. Still I join the sister from Bangalore in her prayer ‘belagagi bandhire devare, nanna jeevanathalli nee belagu devare’.


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