Thou Art My Soulmate


In the days of the yore

Life was a mystery

That no one could unravel

And it was full of mirky misery

With no solace and serenity

Nevertheless, amidst sorrows numberless

I was in search of you

You were standing outside, knocking

But alas! I failed to open the door

You were in me but I was outside

Life was then a mystery profound

With tears and tribulations

Everything was astray indeed

With no peace, hope and comfort

Thrilled was I, when you called me

To live an unending life with you

You have woken me up

From the depth of all miseries

You have showed me a path to walk

A life to live fully and wings to soar high

To the infinite beauties of your soul

You have given me a resting place cozy

Now it is painful to be separated from you

For, you are my soul mate

I need you to commune with you

To love you and embrace you

Be always with me

To guide me safe and sound forever

Look upon me with love

Both in my gains and losses

Forever, you are my changeless friend

And the unconditional lover.

—– —– ——- —- —– —- —– —- —–

Note: This poem was written during the year 2004 while I was a degree student at Govt. College, Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala. This poem was published in our college annual, which was published under my editorship, for the year 2005.


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