33 Years, yet to get some enlightenment!!!

There is a story about a revolutionary, who had the dream of influencing the whole mankind, bringing changes into their lives and, thereby, transforming the entire world. He had this dream when he was a vibrant and energetic young man.

Years passed. As he progressed to his middle ages, with pain and despair he realized that he could neither influence anyone nor bring changes to someone’s life and that half of his life was wasted. He decided to compromise with himself. He thought, “I do not know the number of days left in my life. However, for the rest of my life, I will strive hard to influence those in my close circles and bring changes in their lives”. He continued his efforts with added vigour.

At last, he grew old and his days were numbered. He was taking stock of his life and got saddened by the realization that he had not been able to influence and transform anyone and his entire life was wasted. At this stage, he had the ultimate realization that before setting out to influence and transform the whole world he should have attempted to bring the desired changes in his own life i.e. the process of transforming the society and thereby the whole world should start at the individual level.

(This was posted in my FB account on my birthday last year)birthday


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