Let’s be nice to everyone

Witnessed an apparently affluent and educated middle-aged man shouting at a flight attendant yesterday just because she politely declined to serve a cup of hot coffee to him due to turbulence. She was trying her best to explain why it could not be served. However, he continued to abuse her till her fellow crew members and some other passengers intervened in the scene.

Seen another such fellow in the restaurant this morning scolding the manager and staff over some delay in serving a dish he had ordered. He threatened to underrate the property online and disturbed all those who were enjoying their breakfast on a lovely morning.

It seems, we, human beings, always forget the fact that we are all mortals and not going to stay here for long. What is the harm in being nice to others during the very little time we have got here? Most of the things in life can wait. Ultimately, you will get your coffee but by that time you might have spoiled someone’s day and created so much of negativity around.


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