A tale of two freshers

I started job-hunt during the latter half of 2008 after completing my PG. I had been rejected by 3 – 4 organisations before landing in my first job. The reason was simple, no experience. I was getting fed up and finally told one interviewer to have the courage to give a fresher his first job and let him gain experience. He leaned back, looked at the ceiling and laughed out loud for a while before giving me the clichéd closing remark, ‘we will get back to you’. He did get back with an offer after 3 – 4 weeks but by that time I had taken up my first job with another organisation.

Today, while taking an interview, there was a fresh graduate sitting in front of me. The 2008 experience flashed through my mind and I asked him why should he be hired when we could easily get an experienced hand. He smiled for a moment and surprisingly hit back with the answer I had given to my interviewer in 2008.

We are getting him on board!


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