How much do we care?

2014-04-23 18.09.16-2

Sometimes people surprise us with exceptional gestures of care and concern. Someone in my family has been going through a chronic illness for quite some time. We tried most of the treatment options that came our way but nothing worked. Recently, during a meeting, I happened to meet a doctor who heads an organisation. We know each other for quite some time. During a casual conversation with him during the lunch break, I shared our struggles with him since he is from medical background. He told me about similar issues his brother had faced and how he was cured. He promised to link me with a centre that provides the kind of treatment which worked for his brother. A few days later, when I logged into my email account, there was this message from his side, “Dear Vipin, we are keeping you in our prayers. As promised, sharing the details”.

You might think what is so special about it. This is something we all do for our friends. This is so special because he himself is going through one of the most difficult phases in his life as his spouse has been recently diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and undergoing treatment. Still, he had time to think about someone else and let him know that he really cares.


There is always time to love,

Time to stop and listen,

Time to pray for someone,

Time to lend a helping hand.

It is these little things that make life worth living.


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