Service with a smile


Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) could probably be the best among state-owned surface public transport systems in India. You hardly find any private buses plying in the state. KSRTC has such a great network covering the interior areas of the state as well. You may not find so many different types of buses, from ordinary to luxury, in the fleet of other states. The ownership and commitment displayed by their staff is also exemplary. You can find them standing outside the bus at terminals inviting passengers. A few months back, we were travelling from Bangalore airport to Mysore. There were some tensions in Mandya (on the way) due to the Kaveri water dispute between Karnataka and Tamilnadu. We were a bit apprehensive but the driver assured that he would take us safe to Mysore, may be through some interior roads, though he was not sure how much time it would take to reach the destination. Such an attitude makes a lot of difference! He kept his promise though an otherwise three-hour journey took six hours that day. And, I hear that it’s a profit making entity too unlike the state transport corporations of other state. Kudos to the Corporation and its team!


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